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Quintel Intelligence teams are experienced in conducting timely and efficient review and analysis of disclosure information using Quintel Intelligence e-Discovery systems. The disclosure support services offered by Quintel Intelligence involve constructing bespoke analytical products which can expose key evidence and intelligence gaps within the ongoing investigation.


Quintel Intelligence teams are experienced legal investigators, having conducted in depth forensic legal investigations as well as international legal investigations. In additions to this, Quintel Intelligence team can undertake discrete internal investigations to enable companies to identify fraud and fulfil their compliance responsibilities. Quintel Intelligence controls the full process from case review to liaison with the relevant sources, authorities or regulators.


Our clients are continuously asked to conduct their work in environments that are not only unfamiliar but also dangerous. Quintel are called upon when the facilitation of these tasks is of the upmost importance to the case. Being able to move a case team in and out of countries safely allows huge advantages in case construction and evidence gathering. These services may include close protection details in South America, Technical Electronic Sweeps of offices in Eastern Europe or the facilitation of witness meetings in Africa . Quintel provides the services that ensure that teams are safe and at their most effective.


Quintel Intelligence provides reputational and integrity risk management services for its clients, particularly focused at High Net Worth Individuals, these services involve researching and analysing potential integrity and reputational risks to the client, their business and any current legal proceedings. This includes the monitoring of news/articles that could impact the client or their interests and the countering of such articles using the Quintel Intelligence supply chain.


Quintel provide deep due diligence, intelligence, analysis of businesses and individuals for professional investors such as Private Equity firms, Investment Managers, Hedge Funds and Regulators. We develop detailed information from open sources supported by in-house expertise to ensure that our clients have a complete understanding as possible of the entities they are interested in.

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